As winter starts to break we wanted to increase the pace of our luxe game and introduce fabrication that elevates our archetypal Strike Collection to a new plain...We're proud to reveal our Velour Strike ⚡️ Collection.

Velour Strike Hoodie Grey

When our design team is evaluating fabrics and materials for future collections lots of care goes into how the fabrics work together as a package, along with how they will feel on the body and in the hand along with the all important style aesthetic. 

Some of you will have noticed that we trialled a Velour Strike T-Shirt in our July drop to test its popularity. We knew that we loved the concept in-house, but we wanted to test how it performs commercially before going all-in. 

Official Fresh Couture Velour Strike Jogger In Black

Its performance in July was staggering. It was outselling many of the summer specific styles, and it was doing it without any marketing push. We knew this was a natural winner and quickly green-lighted the full collection for an early November drop....and here we are.

Both the Black & Grey colourway collections feature Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Jogger & T-Shirt so you can combine your perfect tracksuit combination.

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