June 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of our world-famous Strike Logo so we wanted to share the back story of how it was formed and what it means to us, the brand, and all our community that wears the Strike logo with pride each day.

History of the Fresh Couture Strike Logo


Back in 2013 when Nathan first started creating Fresh Couture as a brand the word 'Fresh' played an important role symbolizing the experimentation of materials that gave each garment its unique identity, but by 2015 it was time to trim down the brand logo because it was becoming impossible to squeeze F R E S H C O U T U R E (11 characters) on clothing, woven labels, packaging, and website banners and that is when our Strike Logo was formed.


In June 2015 Nathan was working with some cut paper logos looking at positioning, and accidentally slashed the logo horizontally across the centre and the 2 pieces of paper separated. It was that moment when the idea was triggered.

At the time he didn't have access to Adobe, but did have Microsoft Powerpoint on his laptop and used this software to try and re-create a digital version of what was laid out in from on him on the workbench.

After just a few minutes the Strike Logo was formed, and the rest is history.

Thank f*ck for Powerpoint. 👏

Fresh Couture Strike Logo Newcastle Upon Tyne

Celebrate with us throughout June as we celebrate the Strike Logo with lots of originals, along with new additions that demonstrate the versatility and brilliance of the Fresh Couture Strike Logo™.

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