When you think about it, fashion’s on a treadmill constantly chasing the perception of trend, but it doesn't have to be like that. The industry's relentless chase leads to many short lived fashion fads, and more often fashion failures. 

As a business, and a design team we have questioned this mindset...Why does the fashion industry think it has to reinvent the wheel every 3 months?

It was this critical thinking that spawned the 'Colour Swap Collection', a collection we are super excited about.

Shop Official Fresh Couture Colour Swap Tracksuit in Grey

We know it important for every customer to interpret their own style, and having a collection where the pieces that is interchangeable amongst themselves, gives the wearer more flexibility when styling their daily fits....but we wanted to take this further by looking back our last 6 months worth of releases and continue colour stories so you can pair a new purchase with a piece from SS20 making the styling piece even more flexible. 

The Colour Swap Collection is a platform for you to style your Fresh Couture back catalogue whilst maintaining the all important clean coordinations.

The full range is online now.