Now the 5th Birthday of our Strike Logo is in full flow we wanted to share some street knowledge and explain a little more about this 24 piece drop.

Some of you with eagle eye 20/20 vision will have noticed this straight away, but those who didn't, here's the explainer.

Strike Originals 'Colour Pack'

When we looked back over our original logo collections we often used the iconic strike through as a vehicle to add a colour pop or accent to the design, and in the Strike Originals 'Colour Pack' this is evident once again with Red & Black accents, but the 'White Pack' is different...let us explain.


Strike Originals 'White Pack'

In the Strike Originals 'White Pack', all the Strike Throughs are white giving a much cleaner appearance. It's designed for those of you who don't always want to wear twinsets and like want to combine brands. You can couple these with any of your favourite pieces with effortless ease. These are for you 👊

Learn more about our 24 piece Strike Originals collection here