As we head into our third week of ‘lockdown’, a lot of us have come down with a case of the dead trim. I don’t know about any of you but it seems as though a lot of people have bitten the bullet and decided to shave their whole heads. So, whether you’re letting it grow out or have unfortunately butchered your skin fade- we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the ways we are styling the iconic trucker cap:

The first look, a Kanye classic. A black snapback paired with all-white Yeezy 350's and a mismatched oversized grey loungewear set. We’re really liking his statement gold chain and pulled up white crew socks, bringing his whole fit together with the simple detailing. This look could easily be recreated with any Fresh Couture tracksuit as long as you pair it with a pair of statement sneakers and our black snapback, you’ll be good to go. 

Kanye West Snapback Fresh Couture

Now, if you’re working from home and need that smart-casual wardrobe fix- we’ve got you sorted. Our trucker cap comes in a variety of colours that you can interchange between outfits depending on who is on the other end of your zoom call. The trucker caps would look great with our Windsor checked pants a plain black tee. If you want to take it to the next level, pair it with a blazer jacket and hoodie. You’ll be the definition of smart casual.

Fresh Couture Windsor Checked Pant

Don’t know about anyone else but we’ve been really struggling to find the motivation to work-out from home. By eating clean and getting into a routine you’ll find that you’re in a better headspace and will have more energy to workout. Especially getting into your proper gym clothes, then you don’t have an excuse not to push yourself. They say if you look good, you’ll feel it too. Why not invest in some fresh, new gym-wear to help you stay on top of your game. Our trucker cap is such an effortless flex when paired with some joggers and a loose-fitting tee.

Fresh Couture Snapback Caps

It’s at that time of year where we’re starting to switch up our wardrobes from winter to summer…it’s almost summer. Our trucker hat is gonna be an absolute staple coming into these warmer months, you should get your hands on while you still can. We’re really into layering at the moment and we think any of the snapbacks would look great with a t-shirt, shirt or hoodie. These distressed blue jeans are the perfect casual trouser to tie together your headwear with your top and shoes. These classic monochrome vans also look sick with our b&w cap. Cop the cap in loads of colours here:

Charlie (Brake, @CharlieBrake1) has nailed the athleisure look, pairing his Fresh Couture Khaki cap with a muted puffer jacket and a marl grey sweatshirt. His outfit inspo is for those who stray from bright colours and stick to neutrals. This cap is a really wearable piece and doesn’t require a whole new outfit to look good. If you like Charlie’s fit, take a look at our Acid Wash Kyle Tracksuit Pants. They would look perfect for a muted outfit, a definite subtle flex.

Charlie Brake wearing Fresh Couture Snapback Cap