The SU20 // DROP 2 has delivered a fresh assortment of seasonal styles and the Strike Rise is one such piece...or 7 if you include all colourway options. 💧

Fresh Couture Strike Rise Mono Pack T-Shirts

Here at Fresh Couture, we aim to offer styles that never sleep and garments that improve your street-ready style when out & about or facilitate that hardcore relaxing during those ever repeating lockdown moments.

Talking repeats, this was the design ethos for the 'Strike Rise'. After chatting with you, our audience we have grown to understand that brand identity is everything so we decided to create a t-shirt that featured our logo 8 times in total, but added styling to make it seamlessly stylish. 

Fresh Couture Strike Rise Tonal Pack T-Shirts

The Strike Rise is available in 3 micro collections. The 'Mono Pack' which is essentially black & white iterations. Next up is the 'Tonal Pack' which focuses on Navy & Burgundy base colours with tonal colour pops and finally, our favourite is the 'Volt Pack' which us a 3 piece collection using volt colour accents for that important call out.

All 7 colourways are online and available to pick up now.

Fresh Couture Strike Rise Volt Pack T-Shirts