A masterclass in fall fits inspired by sneaker culture...and hand selected by you.

We are now on the eve of one of our most ambitious projects in the history of Official Fresh Couture™.

Back in Lockdown part 1 we set our in-house design team on a challenge to rework our renown Strike Original collection with a fresh set of fabrics and colourways. 

As our internal design process faced up to this design brief we decided that instead of pushing designs we think are appropriate we wanted to invite you, our fans to pull the colourways you want from us and this open source brand partnership was formed.

...and fu&k me, you guys chose very well! 💪

Public Vote Pack Ballot Box // Official Fresh Couture™

Phase 1 - The Inspo

As we all know, sneakers play a huge role in streetwear styling, and footwear also plays a big cultural role in our team. Our lead menswear designer worked at Nike’s western Europe HQ in Amsterdam before joining us at the start of 2020. Then there’s our Chief Operating Officer who has been collecting sneakers for over 20 years, owns hundreds of pairs, and loves Jordan’s like a crazy man.

The Swoosh has been a pioneer in design, fabrication and street style for numerous decades, and because of our appreciation we looked close to home for inspo initially. Andrew raided his 33 strong Airmax 90 collection, and Dale dug into his Airmax, Jordan & Huarache locker for inspo. Even though we got off to a solid start we realised that sneaker icons span multiple brands, and product categories so we felt obliged to delve into heritage runners, skateboarding and basketball for a deeper insight into the best of the best.

They set out on a mission to identify key sneaker colourways that have shaped streetwear and after days of arguing about the best, most influential sneakers they decided on 20 and started to imagine how those colour palettes could translate to clothing, and specifically our Strike Original collection.

Internal Vote Public Vote Pack // Official Fresh Couture™

Phase 2 - Internal Vote

Stacks of designs were mocked up, some were loved instantly, and others hit the cutting room floor almost as quickly. It was a rapid yet ruthless process. It's like with anything, often you just know in your gut when something works, and the more natural the process, the better it is. If it's forced, you can tell in the final outcomes, and it often never meets expectations.

Ok. After some ruthless decision making, we disposed of the low grade options and had 20 strong designs that we all loved as a team.

We wanted to condense further from 20 to 10 so you guys, our fans, customers and admirers could have the final say on what makes production.

The only way we could do this was by an internal blind vote.

Online Voting Public Vote Pack // Official Fresh Couture™

Phase 3 - The Final 10

This is where sh*t literally got crazy!

We set up online ballots via Instagram Stories, and an online voting app and over the course of the 2 days that followed we had over 4000 votes!...yes bruv...4000!!!

All 10 colourways received good popularity %, but our cut was at 85% or more ‘Yes’ vote to make production.

The Final 4 - Public Vote Pack // Official Fresh Couture™ 

Phase 4 - The Final 4

We’re excited to announce the people's champions;

Black Violet, inspired by the Nike Air Max BW ‘Persian Violet’ 

Black / Violet Strike Original 'Public Vote Pack' // Official Fresh Couture™

Grey Obsidian, inspired by the Nike Air Max 1 'Obsidian’

Grey / Obsidin Strike Original 'Public Vote Pack' // Official Fresh Couture™

Grey / Botanical Green, inspired by the New Balance x Aime Leon Dore 990v5

Grey / Forest Strike Original 'Public Vote Pack' // Official Fresh Couture™

Black / Aqua, inspired by the Tiffany Nike Dunk SB

Black / Aqua Strike Original 'Public Vote Pack' // Official Fresh Couture™

Whether you want to call it a rework, or a refresh it's clear that our infamous Strike Original continues to be relevant season upon season. 

The question is, are you going to pick up the colourway you voted for, or has another colour up caught your eye?

Don’t feel bad, just rep your favourite...they’re all insanely good!

The Public Vote Pack will launch site wide on Friday September 25th