Before we get under the bonnet on some of the technical details to look out for on the the Marl Grey / Green Strike OG Public Vote Pack, I wanted to just recap on how this product was developed.

You may have guessed from the name, as this colour was a collaboration with our audience of followers on social media and our actual customer database. We suggested 10 colourways, and after 4000+ votes we shortlisted 4 and bought them to life. 

Its been such a cool process, we have loved working directly with people like you, our audience and not only do we get amazing feedback during the development phases, but you also support the launch by purchasing pieces from the range.  

We plan to dedicate 20% of our new product ranges to the public vote so you can continue shaping the range so we deliver actually what you want to wear. 👊

Fresh Couture Strike OG Grey Green Public Vote Pack

So, lets look at the fabrication of construction quickly. This tracksuit is one of our heritage styles, so it features classic construction techniques on a 300gsm marl grey jersey. Again, as this is a heritage style is built to have a slim fit throughout and a tapered calf hugging leg shape. Pantone shades are 627u for the forest green lettering, and 14-3812-tcx for the pastel lilac across the infamous strike-through.

and there we have it...we don't want to reveal to many of our secrets. 💧