The new season gives us an opportunity to take you on a tour of our latest project code named 'PRM' aka Premium.

As you know our standard materialisation and soft, comfortable and uber wearable, but we wanted to elevate that to the next level. We all need to step up sometimes, and having a premium tracksuit in the rotation has to be a good thing right? 💯

Lets get into the details. 

Fit: - Don't worry, we've not messed with fits. Its based on our iconic fit, so you can jump right in and enjoy the wear.

Materialisation: - We wanted to make our brushed back cotton blended fleece feel more luxe, so its been upgraded to 400GSM, which is a generous 20% upgrade on our standard fabric. Softer, heavier and more opulent.

Construction: - (Without getting too geeky 🤓 🤣 ) When manufacturing garments there are lots of ways we can build and construct the finished item. All we need to say here is every seam features a 'Double Top Stitch' which is normally reserved for high end pieces costing £100+.

Finishes: - We wanted to keep this project understated, but opulent, so we have added non-standard features and embellishments like a back pocket, woven hem labels, flat drawstrings plus a heavy printed branding and 'D' ring to complete the look.

Pricing: This is where it gets exciting! we have included all the above and the hoodie is just £60, and the jogger £45. Unbelievable value for such a high spec collection.

The initial launch features 3 classic colourways including Marl Grey, Black & Navy.

Launching on April 19th.

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