Now that it’s officially Spring, we thought what better way to celebrate than creating a how-to guide on styling for the season.

Pastel colours were HUGE in the late 80s but as we know, trends always find their way back into our wardrobes. Light hues can sometimes be more difficult to style but don't worry, we've got your back. From velour tracksuits, multi-panelled windbreakers and bomber jackets, we have found perfectly styled 80s inspired fits that you won’t want to miss.

This feature has been influenced by some of the killer looks we saw during London Fashion Week Men's Spring/Summer '20, featuring some of the pioneers of Gen Z's fashion landscape.

Pastel Style Hack

@GullyGuyLeo Leo Mandella,

At only Seventeen years old, Leo has become one of the biggest influencers in Streetwear. Leo's fame has seen him front a billboard campaign for Converse and even saw him getting mobbed by fans in Japan. His eccentric yet effortless style has gained him over 700,000 Instagram followers and attention from high-end brands worldwide. He often wears loud and garish clothes in his social posts, regularly sporting brightly patterned co-ords. In the images we have chosen, he is expertly wearing a pair of straight-leg, pastel blue tracksuit pants. On these two separate occasions, he paired these trousers with both a matching windbreaker and a coral-pink denim jacket. The seemingly clashing colour combination of the Prada trousers with the denim Supreme jacket is going down a storm this season. If you fancy getting your hands on a multi-panelled hoodie, we’ve got you guys covered. Our Palm Hoodie is a perfect mix of lilac, pink and white, giving you a statement piece to pair with pastels or even a more monochrome pair of jeans.

pastel style hack supreme nyc

@EliasRiadi Elias is the king of colour. As one of the founders of Kyra Tv’s ‘PAQ’, he knows everything you’d ever need to know about styling. His fusion of fashion, music and culture has given him a large platform on social media to share his tips, tricks and class fit. When talking about his personal experience with clothing he says, “I take a light-hearted approach into fashion and make young people realize that you don’t need to petty someone about what they’re wearing. At the end of the day it’s just clothing (a piece of fabric), don’t take it so seriously. You really don’t need to disregard someone because of their appearance.” This pink tracksuit was one of many looks we loved of Elias’. His experimental take on clothing is something to take note of, using his clothes as his voice has taken him far in the industry already. We’re excited to see more of his looks throughout Spring.

pastel style hack @EliasRiadi

So far, layering has been a big hit in 2020. From t-shirts over hoodies, long-sleeves under tees and different textures on top of one another. Here are some of our favourite pastel layering moments this year, thus far:

Our Josh T-Shirt in Lavender is the perfect purple hue to pair, its cool undertones work well with light greens and blues but also with warmer undertones too. It would look great layered with denim and chord, over a long-sleeved tee or with one of our Colmar 2.0 Sherpa Quarter Zips in Black.

Fresh Couture Pastel Style Hack