What would we do without Podcasts?...they are our free, and daily access to our favourite topics, hobbies, music and personal development inspirations.

But was does 'Podcast' actually mean...

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device in order to listen.

Podcasts have changed a lot in recent times, and this feature is focused on Music, so these recommendations will be mainly from Dj's, Producers & Record Labels.

We will be doing a 'Recommends' on Spoken Word podcasts in the coming days. so don't fret if that's more your bag.

The Anjunadeep Edition:

Now, this is something we have on in the office almost daily, its deep, melodic house music that fills you with positive and progressive energy. 

There are literally hundreds of 1hr mixtapes from globally recognised DJ's and producers along with lots of live sets.

The Ajunadeep Edition Podcast


Established in 2000, DJcity is the world’s leading subscription-based digital record pool for DJs – delivering new music to thousands of members every day. By focusing exclusively on selecting the most relevant music, DJcity has positioned itself as the most trusted and respected site where DJs discover new music including mixshow and club-ready versions.

DJcity is also a leading source for DJ and producer culture delivering exclusive performances, podcasts, interviews, behind the scenes, tutorials and more to fans around the world.

If you're curious about Djing, production and anything behind the scenes make sure you check out the DJ CITY YOUTUBE.


Dj City Podcast 


If it wasn't for Rinse FM and the powerful influence we would not Grime. It's as simple as that. Their influencer cannot be understated.

London's favorite pirate radio station now available in podcast format. Rinse FM is uniquely placed at the hub of the Capitalʼs thriving British underground music community, demonstrating throughout 18 years of broadcasting that they provide a vital, unique and exceptionally successful, grass-roots gateway into broadcast radio and the wider music industry.

Rinse FM podcast


If you like your house music with a deeper, sunset vibe that gives you a nice progress beat that uplifts and stimulates your during work, reading or workout sessions this is the podcast for you.

There are 125 to choose from, so plenty to see you through self-isolation. 👍

listen to prototype 202


Lush DJs are a multi-genre crew of DJs delivering insanely good mixes across dancefloors nationwide.

We wanted to draw your attention to the Urban/RnB pods they have produced in conjunction with Kiss FM.

There are only 9 pods in this series, but you will have them on repeat! 💯

Lush DJs podcast

So that wraps up of our focused assortment of music podcasts you can rely on during self-isolation.

Stay strong ya'll, and we'll beat this pandemic together! 💪