As you know, we're using tech to sell our digital FASHION as non-fungible tokens driven by our sustainability goals, and the limitless creativity wearable NFTs can offer.

We're excited to introduce 4 exclusive collection inspired by our 4 distinct colour stories that hold true to the evolution of streetwear and how it collides with immersive digital spaces aka The Metaverse.

Each wearable NFT comes with real world, unlockable rewards such as gift cards, VIP Access and even virtual experiences.

As the designs grow in exclusivity, so do the gift bundles to match. You could be the sole owner of a one of a kind piece, owning the true original.

How To Buy

The good news is you don't need to own Ethereum, or be crypto native. You can purchase our wearable fashion NFTs using your normal debit or credit card.

Each NFT will be available to purchase on then Venly marketplace, and all the unlockable, real world rewards will be listed with each NFT along with its exclusivity.


Once you are the holder of the NFT its your asset, and you are free to trade or re-sell on your chosen NFT marketplace whenever you choose.

Below is just a sneak peak at some of the wearable NFTs due to launch in early December 2021.

Tier 1 - The O.G.

The O.G. is just that, our original and greatest colourway synonymous IRL (In The Real World). Its now been retooled with the additions of the Gloss Mond Bucket Hat, Fresca Puffer Jacket and the Coutura X sneakers which will dominate in the Metaverse.

Fresh Couture NFT Tier 1 The OG


Tier 2 - Art Of War

The foundations of streetwear stem back to the streets of NYC back in the 1980's. Urban youth wore military fatigues, sports jerseys and handed down workwear from the blue collar workers building Manhattan. The streets were tough and edgy and this is our surreal play on the streetwear staples.

This collection is about textures, patterns and jacquard effects demonstration the depth and feel digital fashion can provide.

Fresh Couture NFT drop Tier 2 Art of war digital flex


Tier 3 - Tennis Club

Virtual worlds don't have to be dark 'tokyo-neo' inspired, they can be plush, spacious outdoor environments to relax and take stock. The tennis club collection is perfectly suited for just that.

Fresh Couture NFT drop Tier 3 Tennis Club digital flex 

 Tier 4 - Holographic

This is what people expect to see when they think of the Metaverse as a concept. Designed to be eye-catching, we wanted to develop the idea of Holographics by giving it the ubiquitous 'Tokyo Neo' twist taking colour and material inspiration from the film of oil formation on a puddle.

Fresh Couture NFT drop Tier 4 holographic digital flex
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Fresh Couture is  forging a new era of fashion by fusing together technology and the limitless creativity of the metaverse. 🚀


Release Dates - Scheduled to drop in Early December 2021.