Last night Boris Johnston effectively put the country on lockdown for 3 weeks, so if you haven't yet subscribed to a streaming service, or fancy learning to DJ, or become a beat maker now is your chance!


This is a free app courtesy of Mixvibes. Here you can follow your dreams of becoming a beatmaker. 

You can use the hundreds of pre-installed loops to create layered tracks across multiple genres like Deep House, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Grime and many many more.

This is extremely addictive as you play around with kick drums, snares, synths and loads of sound effects.

Very cool indeed!

Download RemixLive

Radio Garden:

Another incredible free music app is Radio Garden! Remember Google Earth from back in the day when you could spin a virtual globe and then zoom in on a random town anywhere in the world? If you do then you will get Radio Garden in an instant.

You can spin the globe and zoom in on any of the green dots. Each green do is a radio station and you can instantly listen in.

You can be in Oslo one minute and Sydney the next listening to their location radio stations... this isn't hours or enterianment...this is days and weeks of musical satisfaction.

Listen Now To Radio Garden

Radio Garden

Pioneer Dj WEDJ:

WEDJ is a fully functional DJ or Mixing app that gives you all the features of Pioneer DJ equipment, which is the club benchmark for DJ Equipment.

This app allows you to utilize an pull in tracks and music direct from your phone or tablet and you can start mixing, beat matching, sampling and adding effects straight away.

You can perform DJ tricks like Looping, Filters, Flanger and so many more.

Once you have perfected your set you can plug this into any audio equipment so you can playback or perform live.

Self-Isolation could take you on a whole new career path you never dreamed of.

Download Here:

Spotify Group Sessions:

"Stop, Collaborate & Listen Fresh Couture is back with a brand new edition"

This is for folks on premium mobile but allows everyone in the group to control the music so you can have a virtual party, kind of.

Spotify Group Sessions


Some of you into EDM, Synthesiser dance or HipHop will have heard of the Moog, but many of you probably haven't, so we have great pleasure in introducing you to an icon.

The Moog is a legend of the electronic music genre that has been a staple for electronic music, and hip hop producers for over 40 years, and now this unsung hero is available in app format for Tablets for free!

It works in a similar way to a piano or keyboard, but the massive bonus is you can adjust and tweak the frequency of every sound in ways well beyond any preset functions. We're talking endlessly.

Even if you cannot play the keys, this app still offers plenty of entertainment as you explore textures of sound you have never experienced before.

The good people of MoogMusic have taken down their paywall, so this free to download right now! 👊 

Download Here:

Now self-isolation is a fact of life we will be returning daily with new ways to beat the boredom.

Stay strong, and we'll beat this together! 💪