Back before most of us, were even born there was a moment in cultural fashion history when Michael Jordan leaped into greatness in 1988 when he won the NBA Allstar Slam Dunk Content wearing the Air Jordan 3 'White/Cement'.

Michael Jordan 1988

This was a seminal moment in sporting and fashion history as Michael Jordan lived up to the megastar billing as an NBA MVP and the emergence of how basketball would start shaping street fashion from the sneakers up.

Michael Jordan 1988 mvp

This year the 10 part Netflix Original documentary 'The Last Dance' aired recapping the incredible career of Michael Jordan and the 6 NBA championship titles the Chicago Bulls won in the 1990's demonstrating what an incredible team they assembled and the talent, skill, and determination needed to succeed on that level, and this got us thinking...

The design of our 'Elephant Strike' t-shirt has been directly inspired by the cement coloured elephant print that featured around the toe and heel of the iconic Air Jordan 3 so we wanted to celebrate the man, the sneakers and the sporting heritage by releasing the 'Elephant Strike'

If you like sneakers, basketball, or are just an everyday MVP the 'Elephant Strike'; is the drop for you. 

Fresh Couture Elephant Strike T-Shirt Grey