Let's face it, all our favorite eateries and take-outs joints are shut for 3 weeks, and BoJo will only let us go food shopping once a week.

To add to this we have 3 weeks at home in self-isolation so when you combine all these factors together it's actually the perfect time for a 3-week fat-burning shred-fest.

There are no excuses, let's get busy!

First up is Simeon Panda with a 5min morning routine designed to burn fat.

Next up we have a 7min session you can do everyone courtesy of Chris Heria

Next, we have another installment of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) focused on a pyramid circuit that will increase your heart rate and burn those calories...welcome to 6mins of pure burn!


If you like to get technical then Jeff Caveliere of Athlean-X is your man. He is all about sports science and training in the best way possible...and if you want a six-pack and only spend 7mins per day, he's the trainer for you!

And to finish we are heading back the U.K. with everyone's favourite Joe Wicks the Body Coach for a 15min home workout that gets results.

As always, stay strong, stay positive and together we will beat the frustration of self-isolation and come out on the other side with some achievements we can be proud of.

 Get Shredded During Self-Isolation! 👊