Firstly, we would like to thanks over 10,200 of you for participating in our digital survey for 2021!

The results were super insightful and gave us a clear direction on how we can deliver future digital experiences that will hit your sweet spot of sports, music, entertainment, tech & style.

Off the back of the survey we have been able to start exciting collaborations with high profile gaming platforms, along with an innovative technology solutions with one of the UK's top ranking University.

These advancement will bring you greater self expression, entertainment and social experiences, whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

Without getting all preachy, we know we will always need clothing, unless your a naturist of course 🤣....but we're interested in learning to enjoy the benefits of fashion, style & self expression in new ways. "The fashion industry should waste nothing but data, and exploit nothing but imagination" quoted from The Fabricant.

Fresh thinking for a changing world.

The door to the Metaverse is now wide open, thank you for your feedback... make sure your digital twin joins us on the adventure!