Dj GRAHAM GOLD Wearable NFT's Recap

Over recent months we've been learning about the metaverse whilst developing our inaugurial range of experiential NFT's packed with unlockable, real world benefits.

As part of our learning process we teamed up with virtual reality music venue 'Go Clubbing' for a test event live streaming a halloween special featuring non-other than house music supremo, and Kiss FM all star Dj Graham Gold. 

Graham wanted his dress His digital twin and avatar in one of our wearable NFT's for the event. He selected the sublime 'Tennis Club' tracksuit and the Triple Grey 'Coutura X' sneakers for maximum dance floor props.

Graham getting rigged for the event.

dj Graham Gold Fresh Couture Wearable NFT

Go Clubbing was developed by a team of dance music legends who have been hosting parties since the early rave days of the 1990's.

Ian & Mark have a black book of contacts that make your eyes melt, so having the opportunity to collaborate with them on this type of immersive clubbing event was too exciting to miss.

They have recently acquired the infamous 'Dog Star' venue in Brixton, London and plan to host events that broadcast live, VR & stream as they taking the clubbing experience to new levels.

If you have an Oculus VR headset, download their app.

Here's a short recap of the VR halloween special recorded on the Oculus. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of our wearble NFT auction, and the very special collectors packs for the first 40 people.