Our OG Colmar Sherpa Fleece was a heavy hitter in 2018 so the challenge we faced was how we could make our icon even better for 2019.

The first decision had to be to add additional colorways. After some trend analysis and textile evaluations, we selected a beautiful light brown tone we described as 'Almond' along with a rich, deep blue/green colour called 'Teal' to support the staples Black & Steel Grey originals. 

Next up was the finish. We wanted the Colmar 2.0 feel as good as it looked so opted for double-lined finish meaning its as soft on the inside as the outside so it would be the most comfortable and warming wear possible. It's like being hugged by a polar bear (A friendly one, of course, ha).

The brand identity was also a key consideration. We have experimented with a 'Sport' logo during 2019 which features a slight italic slant giving the sense of speed and movement and when we got the sampling back to HQ we knew it was a match made in heaven. 

With all this combined we feel we have delivered a softer, warmer and all-round better Colmar that ever before!

Restocks in the Teal & Almond are expected in the first week of January...however the Black & Steel Grey are pretty much sold out and sadly won't return until AW20.

Just to note, keep your eyes peeled for the all-new Colmar Quarter-Zip that's due to drop at the end of January 2020! 😝