Announcement - 'DIGITAL FLEX' Collection

Newcastle, UK – 19th October 2021 – Streetwear brand Fresh Couture has unveiled a new initiative designed to simultaneously tackle fashion’s environmental impact head-on, and to demonstrate a smooth pathway from physical to digital fashion for brands of any essence forging the new era of fashion by fusing together technology and the limitless creativity of the metaverse.

Fresh Couture Digital Flex NFT collection Launch

You are invited to join the Discord community from today to see an early previews of all the 20 garments, and to qualify for each NFT airdrop.

We have created 4 colour story collections, and within each collection we have developed brand new headwear, outerwear, tracksuits & sneakers styles....Yes, we are offering outerwear and sneaker for the first time in our history.

This is a groundbreaking project in so many ways!

Utility Is Key

We have all seen rotating crypto art pieces that don't really do anything, our garments are much more than that. Each one is a fully animated gaming skins that is wearable across the gaming and augmented reality apps in the Unity ecosystem giving the NFT holder maximum experiential utility. 

“Digitization and real-time 3D are disrupting industries all around the world, changing not just how we shop and what we wear, but how those garments are produced and even whether they exist in the physical world at all.” Said Marina Psaros, Environment and Sustainability Lead at Unity. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the solution that is accelerating digitization and moving the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction, powered by collective action and technology, while creating beautiful digital fashion for the metaverse in the process.”

Fresh Couture Launched the Digital Flex NFT drop.


£5bn is spent on clothing that is only ever seen on screen. In that context why couldn't we represent our sense of style using digital only NFTs if its only on screens?

Together we can end this 'Snap & Send Back' culture.

Lets adopt a mindset that embraces both physical and digital clothing combined. We can have a virtual wardrobe for when we're on social media or in game, and a physical wardrobe for when we're not. Its simple.

The metaverse is bringing us all-new social experiences, its not designed to take away the real world, its just a new extension of our social lives, and lets us represent ourselves in new ways. Its awesome!

Unlockable Experiences

One of the first unlockable experiences for the NFT holders is VIP access to the MetaverseMe app.

Martyn Hughes, CEO of MetaverseMe goes on to say “Digital fashion is a game changer in many ways. Initially it was a way for us to allow people to explore their inner self through expression in the digital space and ways to share that. It was about allowing people to be who they wanted to be but could not, or would not, explore that in the real world. As that plan has progressed we see digital fashion able to assist with combating climate issues and physical waste. Digital fashion and design allow better prototyping, better design exploration and when coupled with on demand manufacturing, better control of physical resources resulting in lower impacts on the world's physical resources.

Please look out for tomorrows editorial where we introduce you to our other collaborators on the project. The Global Design Network & Venly.

For now, please join our Discord Community Here