Eat, Drink & Sleep, Almond...All Day, Every Day...Almond...All Almond Everything!

Yeah, you get it. Almond should be key base colourway in your armory and we have everything you need to pull off the best combination of natural tones to help you look effortlessly stylish all day long...but, you don't need us to tell you that, just look how it looks on the body! 💯🔥

Shop Fresh Couture Mini Strike In Almond

Our Almond journey started back in AW19 with the iconic Colmar and due to the popularity of that single piece we rolled out Almond in three more classic styles namely the Strike OriginalsMonaco & Austin Twinset, and to back these up we have intro'd the Almond Mini Strike and also the Bamboo Strike to our extensive catalogue to compliment all the goodness Almond brings to the table.

Shop Fresh Couture Bamboo Strike T-Shirt

You don't need to own a pair of Yeezy's to rock our Almondy goodness, as Converse, or Air Force 1 looks equally dope if you are a Yeezy owner this is the perfect collection to complement your hype game!